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Remembrance Days Continued



David & Kathleen Matthews Adam 04/07/99
Dorothy O'Neal Timothy 04/09/82
Mickey & Barbara Johnson Sandy 04/10/89
Claire Notte John 04/10
Kelly Foley John Notte (sib) 04/10
Tom & Shirley Marshall Andrew 04/17/98
Keith Litts Kevin 04/17
Gary & Elizabeth Hier Gary Allen III 04/18/99
Cathy Mleko Kimberly 04/22/01
Lauren & Lewis Chapple Harrison 04/22/00
Robert Rosenberger Brian 04/25/87
Ruth Gibbud Michael 04/28

Book Review :: Living when a loved one has died by Earl A. Grollman
Live One Day at a Time

Memories-tender, loving, bittersweet. They can never be taken from you. Nothing can detract from the joy and the beauty you and your loved one shared.
Your love for the person and his or her love for you cannot be altered by time or circumstance.
The memories are yours to keep. Yesterday has ended, though you store it in the treasurehouse of the past.

In this best-selling guide to coping with grief, easy-to-read meditations help us cope with denial, anger, loss, letting go and moving on.


The Compassionate Friends Sibling Resources
Sibling Chat
This chat is available for adult and teen siblings to share concerns and feelings. Wednesday & Thursday evenings: 8pm CST, 9pm EST & 6pm PST

A special edition newsletter for newly bereaved siblings is now available online as an Acrobat file.

"This Healing Path" TCF Video
This resource for bereaved siblings, and their parents, grandparents, and professionals addresses issues and concerns important to surviving siblings and those that love them. It offers an excellent opportunity for discussion and sharing. Topics include: Dealing with the reality of the loss; Who will listen; How life has changed; Coping with special days; Visiting the cemetery; Parental over-protectiveness; and Looking toward the future. A discussion guide is included.

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