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The Compassionate Friends VT
Volume 1, issue 4 :: 2004  


February, March & April
Champlain Valley-East Chapter Newsletter  

Need a CompassionateFriend?

Marti & Julien Shoemaker
482-5319 Hinesburg | Ice Climbing

Claire Groleau 425-2711
Charlotte | Automobile

Paul & Karen Daniel 527-9708
St. Albans | Drowning

Allan Day 879-4338
Williston | Skidiving

Pam Laser Eric Hart
Burlington | Illness-Seizure

Jane Grayson
Shelburne | Suicide

Natl. Headquarters:
P.O. Box 3696
Oakbrook, Il 60522

TCF monthly meetings

Burlington - Third Tuesday Christ Church, Presbyterian Redstone Campus 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Rutland - First Tuesday Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 7:00—9:00 PM

Norwich - 2nd Tuesday Hospice of the upper Valley Mount Support Rd. Lebanon, NH

Northeast Kingdom of Vt.Rosemary Claassen 802-754-6270 Orleans Federated Church 3rd Tuesday 7p.m.


At nearly every meeting we welcome new members to our group, always with mixed emotions. We are glad you found us, but we are sorry for the circumstances that bring us together. We understand your pain, and we hope our unconditional friendship and understanding will help you through your grief.

Attending a meeting for the first two or three times takes courage, but for many it is the first real step toward healing. It may seem overwhelming, so we encourage you to come to several meetings to give yourself a chance to become more comfortable.



"We Need Not Walk Alone" published quarterly, our
award-winning quarterly magazine,focuses on grief- related issues and features poetry and original articles by bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents and grief professionals. Book reviews, timely information about the national TCF program and reviews of new grief resource materials also appear regularly.

An opportunity to help is an opportunity to heal

Steering Committee Members

Julien and
Marti Shoemaker: shoetrees@globalnetisp.net
Allan Day: pianomanday@adelphia.net
Claire Groleau: groleau@lanepress.com
Jane Grayson: janeandreid@yahoo.com

Natl. Headquarters:

P.O. Box 3696
Oakbrook, Il 60522
Call toll free: 1-877-969-0010

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