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Champlain Valley-East

:: Other Support Groups in the area ::

  • Parent to parent 764-5290
  • Bereavement and depression program at UHC 847-COPE
  • Hospice end of life counseling 658-1900 (VNA)
  • Howard center for human services 660-3678
  • MADD (mother’s against drunk drivers) 897-7300
  • Suicide grief support group 802-223-1878
  • Lund family center (critical family issues) 864-7467
  • Upper Valley Suicide Support—hospice 800-858-1696


:: Featured Member ::

Jane Grayson, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist who has practiced psychotherapy in Burlington for the past 27 years. Her daughter, Sara Grayson, died of suicide at the age of 23 on 9/24/2001. Jane lives with her husband, Reid Grayson, who has practiced optometry in Burlington for the past 30 years. Jane’s younger 22 year old daughter, Erica is attending Columbia University and plans to go to Columbia University Dental School next year.

Jane grew up in New York City, attended Cornell University, and got her Ph.D. from the City University of New York before moving to Burlington with her husband in 1974. Jane feels that Burlington was a wonderful place to raise her family. After her daughter, Sara, died, she appreciated the outpouring of support from the community. Because Jane treasures a sense of community, she has become active in the Compassionate Friends, by attending the groups regularly, leading some groups and taking care of the library.



Sue Denno Kari, Heather & Merianne Collier 02/01/81
Deanna & Rodney Allen Rodney 02/06/99
Helen Pierce Pam 02/09/80
Cindy Vize Michael (sib) 02/11/01
Pat Halvorson Susan 02/12/95
Anita Beaulieu Chris 02/12/95
Marti & Julien Shoemaker David 02/14/79
Eric Hart & Pam Laser Gary Ernest Hart 02/20/01
Avis Orzell Ron 02/21
Elvia & John Atherton Brian 02/25

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